#139 Sketchbook Comics #1

28.06.2012 kl. 23:42
Omg, you guys. One month since my last post. I am so ashamed.

I've been reading a lot of comics and trying to get into schools and working and thinking about schools and cooking and drawing and laughing and crying and lying on the floor and jumping around and painting walls and chilling with the dog and stuff and stuffs. I've also drawn a bit of comics you wont see here. Sorrs. You get these three though. They were all originally ideas for large, watercolour-ink twelve-panel comics like Watcher in the Water and Impulses and The Show Must Go On.

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Welcome to the Tinses Super Adventure Comic. (Click on the comics or pictures to view full-scale. Seriously. You are missing out on awesome tiny details like hairs and stuff if you dont.)

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