#141 Infrequent Updates

08.08.2012 kl. 23:57
Lots of work and stuff done lately. Wedding music, restaurant work, drawing posters, changing tires, building stuff like desks, driving stuff, transporting stuff. I've been tired, annoyed and a generally unlikable person. Sorry about that, everyone. Here's something you can look at so you know I'm not dead just yet.

 Also, I am writing more scripts for that book I've been wanting to draw for billions of years. Don't hold your breaths, guys. I'm sure nothing will come out of it. That's usually how it goes.

Little Dude: Whoah. Totally Depressive-Boringman over here.
Roger: Yes
Little Ballooner: I agree also
Little Dude:
Do something productive instead of all this whining dude
Mara: Hey come on guys
Roger: You suck dude
Mara: What
Little Dude: He's just saying what were all thinking
Mara: Omg I cant believe even my own characters dont like me
Little Ballooner: It's for your own best
Little Dude: Yeah you dick
Mara: You guys were never this mean in the Super Tinses-Adventure
Little Dude: This is true

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