#65 Sloths Playing Mario Kart

03.11.2011 kl. 20:32

#64 A Not So Difficult Decision To Make

(Providing the reader with some fascinating insight as to what else the author does with his spare time, while simultaneously seriously warping his actual appearance when illustrated in this particular picture.)
01.11.2011 kl. 21:28

#63 Dangerman (Non-Canon Filler Comic)

(Conceived and drawn in five minutes while waiting for a phone call.)
30.10.2011 kl. 16:53

#62 Everyone, Falling

(Sorry for the infrequent updates on the site. I'll be working on comics today, so I suppose the super-adventure may commence soon.)
30.10.2011 kl. 15:17

#61 People Everywhere (Some Of Them Chilling)

(I'll go back to the super-adventures in a while, I've been doing watercolour paintings the last couple of days. So that's what you'll be getting. And oh, hey-oh, got our 5000th view today.)
27.10.2011 kl. 21:18

#60 Soon We Will Return To Our Original Programming, But For Now, A Cat.

(Actually, it's a wizard cat.)
25.10.2011 kl. 19:38

#59 50's Fact

23.10.2011 kl. 20:33

#58 Flashback #1

21.10.2011 kl. 23:27

#57 Two Possible Things

21.10.2011 kl. 23:27

#56 He Knows The Ways Of Boxes

(It's probably something he, little ballooner, picked up during one of his adventures. He has a well-known lust for adventure.)
19.10.2011 kl. 22:50

#55 Emotional Analysis Provided

18.10.2011 kl. 19:19

#54 A Small Box In A Bowl Of Cereal

16.10.2011 kl. 14:12

#53 It Must Be Done

14.10.2011 kl. 21:32

#52 (Untitled Sketches)

(I havent had time to make a proper comic today, partly because Ive been chillaxing my bones, partly because Im tired, and mostly because I want some time to work on a more personal project. All, be chill.)
13.10.2011 kl. 20:01

#51 A Worthwhile Trip To The Movies

12.10.2011 kl. 17:29

Welcome to the Tinses Super Adventure Comic. (Click on the comics or pictures to view full-scale. Seriously. You are missing out on awesome tiny details like hairs and stuff if you dont.)

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 The Mystical Cereal Bowl Box Adventure


The Balloonquesting Adventure


The Adventure of Sammy The Hedgehog