#80 Non-Canon Little Ballooner Comic

24.11.2011 kl. 22:45

#79 Cintiq

24.11.2011 kl. 22:17

#78 Magic Friendship #3

22.11.2011 kl. 20:27

#77 Magic Friendship #2

(I'll return to making comics soon, I promise.)
21.11.2011 kl. 20:01

#76 Lately, I've Been An Awful Blogger

(I've been doing some requests lately that wont show up here. That's my poor excuse for not uploading anything for the past days. However, I did this a while back. Had to take a picture of it with my webcam as my printer, again, can not handle A3's. Sorry again about the infrequent updates. I'm dealing with a few things as of now and I need to get them sorted or adjust to them. This phase is the toughest one, especially as I know I'll return to a more productive state in a few weeks or maybe months. Stephen Fry has this too, you know, and you wouldnt complain about Stephen Fry being an inactive blogger, would you? Mainly because he isn't, but still.)
20.11.2011 kl. 01:34

#75 Gentlemen, Cheese.

15.11.2011 kl. 21:36

#74 Hipster Sloths

14.11.2011 kl. 12:01

#73 What I Did Today Instead Of A Comic

'(Also featured is my super cool drawing table and a cut-out of a top notch classic Disney Character. Taken with my laptop webcam as A3's are too big for my scanner to handle. Drawing's like "can you handle this" and scanner's all like "aaaw nnooo")
13.11.2011 kl. 17:51

#72 Little Dude On The Pursuit For Happiness

(Conceived and drawn during a lunch break)
11.11.2011 kl. 19:27

#71 I Feel We're Getting Sidetracked

09.11.2011 kl. 22:59

#70 This Makes Him The Most Complex Character

09.11.2011 kl. 22:41

#69 Not Really Feeling It

07.11.2011 kl. 20:00

#68 Little Dude Has A Cold

07.11.2011 kl. 18:46

#67 (Svenska) Dagen Till Ära

06.11.2011 kl. 15:33

Welcome to the Tinses Super Adventure Comic. (Click on the comics or pictures to view full-scale. Seriously. You are missing out on awesome tiny details like hairs and stuff if you dont.)

Story Arcs: (start from these posts)

 The Mystical Cereal Bowl Box Adventure


The Balloonquesting Adventure


The Adventure of Sammy The Hedgehog