#105 Pointless Update #3

Yesterday was my birthday. I don't feel any different. My boss made a joke about what I wished for when I blew out the candle on the birthday cupcake I got at work. I didn't make a big deal out of that day in general, and I'm very happy that my friends didn't either. It's just another day, really. Ended up in a bar having a few Guinnesses and drawing a few comics in a sweet little doodle pad I bought for 1.05 euros. The pages are all different colours.

Tomorrow, I'll be going to Brighton to visit a friend who's also the brother of another friend. I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Will be staying in a hotel with a third mate. They serve the breakfasts way too early there, but it'll be alright. My mate says he's on the hunt for transvestites. I'm not sure what I think about that. Apart from a sense of humourous incomprehension.

Had a dream that I'd meet a cute girl in a museum in London. Hardly. Enjoyed the dream, though. I was wearing a funny shirt, and she came up to me and said "Your shirt is funny." I replied, "You should see my penis." Then I tried being cute and charming by pretending that wasn't the first step of a very elaborate pick-up-routine. She laughed. We went for a pint and just enjoyed ourselves. We got along well. All of this within the confines of the dream, of course.

Reading "Blankets" by Craig Thompson now. It's a huge book. But it's very, very, very good and extremely well-drawn. It's a graphic novel, in case I didn't make that clear. Got "The Dark Knight Returns" too, but I'll save that for later. Read a bit of it though. Extremely good. Better than any of the movies, by far. Then again, this is top notch Batman. Must be tons of crap-bat out there too.

Today, I did hardly anything. I don't see how people would actually care about these sorts of things, but I felt like sharing them so I did. Think of it as a birthday gift from me to myself.
01.02.2012 kl. 22:48

#104 (Super)Jaltakonferensen, 1945

(This is only funny to those who've seen the original. Who also speak swedish and have an appreciation for lame puns. And have a certain knowledge of history. Very few will find this funny.)
30.01.2012 kl. 21:42

#103 Another Batman Strip

I ordered Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns a few days ago. I have never read an actual Batman comic before, let alone a graphic novel about the caped crusader. It will hopefully be an interesting experience. Other than that, I ordered Kate Beaton's new book "Hark! A Vagrant!" and Craig Thompson's "Blankets". Should make for some good reading come february. Been trying to get a hold of any of the "Hickee" issues, but so far no luck. Going to Brighton soon, though. They ought to have something there.

Yes, I do enjoy comics. Anything from Fingerpori, Tintin and Asterix to Grickle, Watchmen, Double Fine Action Comics, The Far Side and Moomin. Come to think of it, everyone enjoys comics. In one form or another.
27.01.2012 kl. 23:04

Another Pointless Update

Made a new header today. It's actually a picture I've been drawing for a while, almost exclusively at bars. For some reason, this was a really slow process. Worked on it for a few minutes at a time, over a period of two weeks or so. Mind you, I had a Guinness to drink. More than one and more than once. Sometimes a coffee. Anyway.

Look carefully and you'll find:
  • Me.
  • A hispanic man who thinks he is Zorro (so delusional, feels bad man)
  • A crazy fun circus guy lifting his hat (also featured in a large piece I did for a friend)
  • A knight (wearing a shirt depicting the hispanic guy who thinks he's Zorro)
  • Johnny Cash (the man in black for all of you no-name-using-homos. just kidding, being gay is a-ok)
  • An alien touching a hardcore biker (and also scaring him)
  • Chess pieces (there is a musical called chess, did you know? I haven't seen it.)
  • Roger (whoah, sick cameo)
  • A cow baby (not a calf, a cow baby. stfu.)
  • A guy wearing a way cool black turtleneck sweater
  • A guy in a hoodie (or is it boxing robes? you be the judge.)
  • A worried elephant parent
  • That guy from the tinses super-adventure comic who still has no name
  • A tiny cute thing
  • A scientist who is super proud of his wicked telescope (soo jealous!)

I bought tons of paper recently, which regular readers already know (you guys have a leg up now) from the explanation of my batman comic. Im still playing around with it. Sometimes, I enjoy playing with things. I also enjoy sex. OMG, I cant believe I just said that. I just let you guys in on a huge secret, I am so embarrassed. Just kidding. Anyway, more paper means Im doing way more stuff. So much stuff, it's overwhelming. I'll show you guys some of it, because I'm chill that way.

More stuff:

Lately, Ive been listening to a lot of John Mayer (regular readers, you can lean back in your chairs and go "I know" now. Well done. I think someone deserves a soda. Fanta is my favourite. Mountain Dew is also tasty, but so sweet. So sweet.) but just on top of all the Regina Spektor I listen to. I love Regina Spektor. There, that's another secret I let you guys in on. I'm so open and cool. Haha. No, just kidding. I am not cool. Don't let my clever jokes deceive you.

Thank you for visiting tinses.ratata.fi, enjoy your stay. Click the pictures, they become bigger that way. In case your eyes are weak, grandpa. Haha. That was also a joke. I am on a comedic roll as of now.
26.01.2012 kl. 22:49

#102 Musta Ritari

This was a test of my newly bought paper, a newly bought couple of markers and a new ink, and of my own skill: I decided to draw a batman strip in under five minutes, (ended up taking about ten as I coloured in all the dark and gray areas) while I was still in bed. This is the result. I do not know why it ended up being in finnish.

I've been listening to a lot of John Mayer lately. Don't know why, really.
25.01.2012 kl. 19:31

#101 Impulses

(This was way too large to scan. Took a picture with my phone. Click it to see it in a proper resolution. Please, do.)
17.01.2012 kl. 22:41



I thought for days and days about what I could do for my 100th post. That is, the 100th post that I had given a number.

I thought for a while about putting together a montage of how Ive drawn Little Dude, as he has changed in his appearance quite substantially since I first drew him. I will probably do that at some point, too.

I dont know, guys. I really have no inspiration for anything at this particular moment. I did a painting of Bruce Lee yesterday, but that was just a painting of something, and didnt take much personal input from myself to do. It was just something I did.

So I thought I'd just draw a picture of myself, or rather how I looked about an hour ago, when I felt that the only thing I'd be good for at that moment was shoveling snow.

(Chill warm headgear courtesy of my little bro)

So, that's all there's going to be for post 100.

After all, 100 is just a number. So is 101, and 99.
03.01.2012 kl. 01:50

#99 The Worried Horde Of Elephant Parents

01.01.2012 kl. 18:47

Cool Things That You Realize

When your favourite artist has the same days off as you do, that is a cool thing that you might realize if you are me.
24.12.2011 kl. 21:47

#97 What Happened Today

22.12.2011 kl. 22:05

Christmas Comes Early

(Not nearly as well-made as it should have been, this quick sketch shows the mutually awesome swap of drawings between myself and sylvia.)
22.12.2011 kl. 18:51

#96 The Christmas Ninja Is Having A Bad Influence On Little Ballooner

(Rushed joke maybe.)
21.12.2011 kl. 21:39

#95 The Christmas Ninja Code

(click to view full version)

(I bought a book called "Understanding Comics" in which the author speaks about different styles of comics and paneling. I wanted to try something new. Thus, I created Christmas Ninja.)

(No one was particularily impressed)

Here is the short version:
20.12.2011 kl. 20:34

#94 Christmas Ninja Time

We are approaching our 10 000th view much quicker than I thought we would be. Thanks for that, guys, I appreciate it and it makes me very happy inside. Like the warm feeling you get from drinking delicious hot beverages. Also, if you'd like to, please comment. I enjoy reading comments. Tinses out.
19.12.2011 kl. 23:21

Welcome to the Tinses Super Adventure Comic. (Click on the comics or pictures to view full-scale. Seriously. You are missing out on awesome tiny details like hairs and stuff if you dont.)

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