#147 Brorsan sålde One Hour Photo

20.11.2013 kl. 01:12

#146 The Slight Comeback of TSAC

I'm drawing comics again.
12.09.2013 kl. 21:13

#145 Life of Tinses

I've was working in a kitchen, and drawing and painting in my spare time when I started Tinses. Now I study visual arts, so I'll be in the kitchen in my spare time. That means I probably wont have much time for Tinses anymore. We'll see what happens. This is all very logical to me.
07.09.2012 kl. 17:43

#141 Infrequent Updates

Lots of work and stuff done lately. Wedding music, restaurant work, drawing posters, changing tires, building stuff like desks, driving stuff, transporting stuff. I've been tired, annoyed and a generally unlikable person. Sorry about that, everyone. Here's something you can look at so you know I'm not dead just yet.

 Also, I am writing more scripts for that book I've been wanting to draw for billions of years. Don't hold your breaths, guys. I'm sure nothing will come out of it. That's usually how it goes.

Little Dude: Whoah. Totally Depressive-Boringman over here.
Roger: Yes
Little Ballooner: I agree also
Little Dude:
Do something productive instead of all this whining dude
Mara: Hey come on guys
Roger: You suck dude
Mara: What
Little Dude: He's just saying what were all thinking
Mara: Omg I cant believe even my own characters dont like me
Little Ballooner: It's for your own best
Little Dude: Yeah you dick
Mara: You guys were never this mean in the Super Tinses-Adventure
Little Dude: This is true

08.08.2012 kl. 23:57

This'll Be The First Swedish Comic I Upload

This is a page drawn from a story I've sort of got worked out in my head. I havent written a script or anything, so the writing here is sort of clumsy and not as subtle as Id like it to be. It's more of a rough exercise page for drawing the characters and maybe this particular moment. It needs a lot of polishing. I thought about doing it in english, which probably would have been easier and more suitable for this site, but it doesnt really fit into the whole idea of tinses, so this is something I am doing as a more personal project. Just wanted to show you that I try to do different things also.

What's that? You cant hear me because youre listening to Katy Perry?

Haha. JK. That was a crazy good insult joke.

My jokes are as witty as always.
10.07.2012 kl. 00:24


..check my new header. It's not very good, and I reckon that's why I like it so much.
29.06.2012 kl. 00:35

#140 Sketchbook Comics #2

Oh look.
I found some more.

These ones are crap, though. Beware. Especially the first one is poorly drawn and something of a rushed joke. The second one is probably worse. The third, I dont know whats going on in that one. You guys. Im not even on drugs.

To a land of wonder!
28.06.2012 kl. 23:57

#139 Sketchbook Comics #1

Omg, you guys. One month since my last post. I am so ashamed.

I've been reading a lot of comics and trying to get into schools and working and thinking about schools and cooking and drawing and laughing and crying and lying on the floor and jumping around and painting walls and chilling with the dog and stuff and stuffs. I've also drawn a bit of comics you wont see here. Sorrs. You get these three though. They were all originally ideas for large, watercolour-ink twelve-panel comics like Watcher in the Water and Impulses and The Show Must Go On.

28.06.2012 kl. 23:42

You Guys. Lookit.

The Complete Far Side

I am crapping at this moment.
28.05.2012 kl. 22:48

#138 Future Madness Bro Comics

23.05.2012 kl. 21:32

#137 Monkey Pun Comics

23.05.2012 kl. 20:22

#136 My Favourite Cartoon Of All Time

"Oh hi Mark."

I was ordering a few books online (graphic novels, mostly, because I enjoy reading and looking at pictures; I enjoy multitasking) and came across the collected works of one of my favourite cartoonists of all time: Gary Larson, author of The Far Side.

So I thought I'd share my favourite cartoon of all time with you guys, just for fun. It's one of Larson's, and a perfect example of his style and comedic genious. Here it is:

I love The Far Side. And I'm not joking. This is my absolute favourite cartoon of all time.

Update: Just ordered The Complete Far Side, two volumes, 1272 pages and more than 4,000 cartoons. I am loving this moment.
23.05.2012 kl. 00:03

#135 Deadpan Comedy

(first actual tinses super-adventure comic in a while.)
08.05.2012 kl. 20:09

#134 Rabbit Rage Comics

08.05.2012 kl. 20:08

#134 Sexist Animal Suicide Comics

(this one made me realize how much I suck at drawing)
08.05.2012 kl. 20:07

Welcome to the Tinses Super Adventure Comic. (Click on the comics or pictures to view full-scale. Seriously. You are missing out on awesome tiny details like hairs and stuff if you dont.)

Story Arcs: (start from these posts)

 The Mystical Cereal Bowl Box Adventure


The Balloonquesting Adventure


The Adventure of Sammy The Hedgehog